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Toilets - Toilet drains often get clogged because non-flushable items get stuck in the drain. Our drain expert can clear your drain of any debris and restore proper drainage and flushing.

Showers & Tubs - We also offer bathtub and shower plumbing services no matter what type or brand of tub or shower you may be using. We can even install luxury features such as spa-like water jets, steam systems.

Clogged Drains - Clogs in tubs, showers, and sinks are common. They occur because toothpaste, soap or, hair collects in the drain pipe. Our professional plumber will clean up any kind of mess or debris and restore your drainage.

Bathroom Sinks - Do you have any problem with your bathroom sink? A skilled technician from The Plumbing Company can install a new sink, repair a damaged sink, repair or replace the faucet, or unclog the sink drain to restore proper drainage.

Faucets - No matter what kind of faucet you have, disk, ball, cartridge, or compressed, we fix them all. We travel with the required replacement parts, so that if your faucet needs to be replaced instead of repaired.

Water & Drain Lines- The Plumbing Company has professionals who can repair, relocate, or install your water or drain lines.

Water Conservation - The Plumbing Company helps you conserve water by providing homeowners with water saving fixtures and products. They help lower water bills and minimize water usage. 



One-way Mirror Glass Windows - Two-way mirrors, also referred to as one-way mirrors, are types of glass typically used for security and privacy purposes for businesses. 

Full Length Mirrors - Mirrors can change the size and ambiance of any space. A full-length mirror can do more than just allowing you to view the outfit you’re wearing. Additionally, a wall of glass—mirrored or otherwise—creates a focal point in your room.

Sliding Mirror Closet Doors - Depending on the amount of space available in a room, a professional can help you determine the size of the doors and how many will comfortably fit in the space. It’s also a good idea to place these doors where the risk of them breaking is very minimal, such as a bedroom or bathroom.

Home Exercise Room Mirrors - Workout room mirrors keep rooms bright and airy, while providing a way to look at yourself when working out. People who lift weights or do yoga benefit from seeing their reflection by perfecting their form, making sure they are balanced, and being able to coordinate their movements.

Mirror & Glass Repair - No matter what type of mirror and glass repair you need – replacement glass for a French door, a window repair consultation, mirrored shelves or glass sidelights for the front door – our certified glass professionals are here to help.

Glass & Mirror


Vinyl Tiles - Vinyl is the most popular bathroom flooring material, because of its low cost and a high degree of practicality. It is well-suited for every bathroom in the house, from the master bath to the powder room.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles - Whether your tastes run to stone or wood lookalikes, colorful penny tiles, or lattice-patterned squares, you’re likely to find that the offerings of ceramic and porcelain tile are some of the best in bathroom floor tile. 

Glass Tiles - The aesthetic appeal of a glass floor tile is twofold: Covering part of the floor in a thin layer of glass creates the illusion of depth and, if tinted, a lovely stained-glass effect. Installed properly, this type of tile holds up well—just be sure to select a textured glass to prevent slips.

Stone Tiles - Stone tiles were once confined to the foyer. In the past decade, however, they have become popular in other rooms as well, bathroom included. Made from limestone, marble, granite, and slate, stone tiles are available in colors that range from creams to blues, reds, greens, and golds.

Plastic Laminate Tiles - Plastic laminate tiles (more commonly available as planks) are also a good choice, especially if you’re remodeling. Similar to the laminate material that covered kitchen countertops for a generation or two, the tiles don’t significantly raise the height of the existing floor, which makes it easier to plan transitions from room to room. 

Linoleum Floor TilesLinoleum is made of linseed oil, cork powder, wood flour, ground limestone, and pigments. It is at home in contemporary or retro settings and well-suited to the bathroom. It’s touted as naturally inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and being able to repel dust and dirt, all while retaining its color.

Cork TilesCork flooring is warm to the touch and very easy on the feet, and the tiles come tinted in a variety of colors. Glue-down installation is not difficult, but expect to apply multiple coats of polyurethane to seal the flooring and prevent moisture from reaching the subfloor, even if you purchase finished tiles.

Floor & Wall Tiling


Walk-in Closet - A walk-in closet is the ultimate design indulgence for your home, especially the master bedroom which sports a lot of space.

Reach-in Closets - These have been around for quite a while, and their main role originally is to provide space for hanging clothes by a rod provided in the closet, with an open shelf above.

Armoires or WardrobesAn armoire is essentially a decorative, free-standing large cupboard that functions as a wardrobe. There are some basic differences between a closet and a wardrobe, though. A closet is a designated space for storage, while a wardrobe can be procured from a furniture store or even built as per your requirements. These wardrobes are available in a variety of sizes, patterns and serve many dynamic purposes in homes.

Linen Closet - A linen closet is essentially a smaller version of a reach-in closet. They are generally narrow and are located in hallways between bathrooms and bedrooms. These closets can have architectural elements as bifold doors, sliding doors, hinged doors or doorless access.

Closet Systems
Modern Bathroom


Bathtubs - A bathtub is a bathroom fixture that adds a bit of luxury to your space. It can also serve as the focal point of your bathroom.

Toilets - The most common toilet is the closed-coupled toilet; it is a single unit that stands on the floor, with the cistern sitting atop the bowl. If you are looking for space-saving measures, you should consider a fully back-to-wall closed coupled toilet, which is where the back of the toilet fully backs the wall.

Sinks - When it comes to choosing the right sink for your bathroom, there are a few things you need to consider including the material, size, shape, and how it will be mounted.

Taps A sink is incomplete without its taps! Choosing the perfect taps for your bathroom’s basin or bathtub is as much about practicality as it is about style. A single-hole faucet, or a mono mixer tap, describes a single handle that controls the water temperature from hot to cold, which is a more contemporary style. 

Toilet Seats -  Toilet seats as a bathroom fitting can be easily overlooked, and with frequent use, they do undergo wear and tear. Most toilet seats are made with thermoplastic or thermoset materials, which are hardwearing and easy to clean. However, if you are looking for a toilet seat with a vintage or earthy style, solid wood or wood effect toilet seats are popular choices.

Wall Cabinets - A common way to maximize space in bathrooms is to install a wall cabinet. Wall cabinets are an excellent storage solution allowing you to keep your bathroom products organized and neat. They also provide a more hygienic storage solution, especially when it comes to storing toothbrushes.

Bathroom AccessoriesBathroom accessories are smaller fittings – they cover objects such as shower baskets, soap dispensers, toilet roll holders, and towel rails.

Fixtures & Fittings


A custom bathroom is very much an extension of you. It reflects your style, it represents your tastes and it exudes your personality. Just stepping into it fills you with untold serenity and bliss.

When building a new home or undertaking a renovation, most homeowners resort to cookie-cutter bathrooms. BR Irvin Construction can bring the renovation you envision to life. Schedule your free initial consultation today to get started. 

Custom Bathroom Design
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