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K-style gutters are the most popular type of gutter used nowadays, and if you buy a home it will probably have this type of gutter on it. It’s a common misconception that they are named after their shape, but they are not shaped like a “K”. Instead, their name is derived from a national association that lists it as option “K” in the available and common types of gutters. They are very popular because of their appearance and how decorative they are. These gutters have a much curvier profile than other types of gutters, and homeowners generally love the way they look. The look is often considered to closely mimic the appearance of crown molding, which is popular for homeowners to install around their ceilings in their homes.



“Old Gothic” gutters as they are also commonly called, are very distinctive and have a decorative profile that looks great on certain homes. This style is based off of cast-iron gutters that would have been very popular during the 19th century, and it has a traditional yet stylish look that can look great. This type of gutter is best suited for more traditional homes that are Victorian or period homes, but with the right styling of your home it can look great on most properties. They are shallow gutters, which means they can’t handle all of the water flow that other gutters can, and so they work well on much smaller homes. In addition, you will need to have these gutters custom made, as they will not be something you can simply buy off the shelf in a big box store.



Most commonly installed on homes that do not have fascia boards already in place, these gutters perform double duty by acting like both a gutter as well as a fascia board. They will hide the edges of the rafter tails so you can’t see them when looking at your home. This creates a smooth line along your home and also prevents water damage or animals from trying to enter your house through the rafter tails. These gutters are not commonly used if you do have fascia installed on your home, but they are a great option for those homeowners who have not yet taken that step.



If you are in the market for gutters that will add a certain appeal to your home without being overly flashy, you will want to look into half-round gutters instead of k-style gutters. These are generally a bit more traditional in their appearance and will work perfectly on homes that are a specific architectural style. Even once you choose to install half-round gutters, you will still have a few decisions to make. They are available in a number of different styles, including double-bead, single-bead, and reverse bead style. 

half round


These gutters are a type of half-round gutters and have the bead on the outside of the gutter where it is more visible. In addition, they are attached to the home with a visible half-round hanger. Many people choose these style gutters because they are very aesthetically pleasing and will add a lot of class to your home. This is especially true when you choose copper European gutters, which will look as great the day that they were installed when they are shiny and new to when they have begun to age and get their distinctive patina. This is a great gutter choice if you live in an area that is prone to temperature swings or severe storms that will batter your gutters. These gutters are generally made from stronger materials and will be able to better hold up in wild weather without being damaged or ripped from your home.



Gutter systems have a slight downward pitch toward the corners of the home, encouraging rainwater or snowmelt to flow “downhill” through the gutters and into the downspouts. A downspout is a pipe that runs vertically along the side of the home. This allows the water flow away from the home as it exits the pipe.

down spouts
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